Apollo Launches Drive Restore (A1398)

Published: 03 April 2017

Apollo Construction Solutions (APCS) is excited to launch Drive Restore (A1398); a new and cost effective solution for rejuvenating resin bound surfaces. Completely unique, Drive Restore (A1398) can be quickly and easily spray-applied to restore dull and ‘matted’ surfaces to their natural beauty.

Through working with decorative surface providers for over twenty years, we understand that a real issue facing homeowners, local authorities to facilities managers is resin bound surfaces becoming dull over time. In the past, restoring resin bound surfaces was a costly and lengthy process. You only had the option of using a roller-coat product or reinstalling the system. This was until APCS developed Drive Restore (A1398); a hardwearing UV-resistant polyurethane sealer that:

  • Restores tired resin bound surfaces to their natural beauty
  • Minimises project costs through its quick and simple spray application
  • Assists with anti-slip and may help with remedial work*

With a patent pending, Drive Restore (A1398) is the only product on the market that can quickly restore a ‘matted’ resin surface via a spray-able pressurised canister system. It provides a tough PU layer to restore and extend the life of the surface, whilst maintaining SUDs compliance.

Drive Restore (A1398) will cover a surface area of up to 120m². Trials prove that the coverage is 80% more economical than that of a traditional roller-coat product. Extensive QUV weathering testing  and independent trials also prove Drive Restore (A1398) can re-life both UV and non- UV surfaces, including driveways, paths and other large decorative areas, for at least two years**.

Drive Restore (A1398) is only available through our carefully selected partners based throughout the UK; please contact us for more information.

For further information on Drive Restore (A1398), please see here.

*Drive Restore (A1398) should only be used on remedial projects with Apollo Construction Solutions’ approval. Please contact us or one of our partners for more information.

**Based on QUV testing, which is not subject to all environmental factors.